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Research paper on marketing mix

research paper on marketing mix

many methods, in which Strobe Leisure can advertise, such as radio adverts, posters displayed on billboards essay for ap statement and transport, newspaper, leaflets and national press. The majority of people felt that their local cinema had below average toilet facilities and it was the joint highest factor that people felt needed improving within their local cinema. Strobe Leisure has to look at the prices of their competition.

The impact of marketing mix on customer satisfaction - arXiv
A Descriptive Study of the Marketing Mix Strategies

Study investigated Christian school awareness and usage of marketing mix strategie.
Placed in local papers, and notes to parents and students.
My report will be based on the main areas of the marketing mix, the four P s are: Product; Price; Promotion; Place.
The Target Audience for this market would.
This paper takes a cautionary stance to the impact of marketing mix on customer.

When the product has become established the firm will lower the price to help it become a mass-market product. Branding is always important, but in the early days of the Internet, it was a major hot topic and tactic. Strobe Leisure should not Advertise their company and deals on the radio, as this is also for people that are not local, they would not be able to get where Strobe Leisure is, so the advert would be a waste of money. I found out from my questionnaire most people take notice of the television adverts. This clearly means that more people will go to different Centre rather than Strobe Leisure because of their poor result; they can be polite to the customers and help them if they want more customers in the centre also they need to be many glossy. And finally the fifth strategy is Competition pricing, this is where the firm has to charge similar prices to other firms. The food will be long term; this is because new food will replace the old types and new drinks will add over the years. Strobe Leisure should have a membership card; this is offered to everyone free of charge on their first visit to Strobe Leisure Cinema. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, in my survey 75 of people said that they need better gift vouchers so they will attractive more customers to the shops also into the auditorium. It also refers to developing awareness of the name. Using my questionnaire results and other information I have gathered on cinemas, I will write a report advising the directors of Strobe Leisure on how they could increase their market share from within the local area. My final point is that most people I surveyed thought that they were not offered polite staff, so it is very important that all the staff employed by Strobe leisure that they live in, whilst only some people said that they did.

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