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Thesis on benzimidazole pdf

thesis on benzimidazole pdf

mercury oxide 9 or lead tetraacetate 10 allow a partial selective synthesis of benzimidazoles. General experimental procedure A mixture of o-phenylenediamine (1 mmol aldehyde (1 mmol) and as4-si 2 (25/wt) in Ethanol (5ml) were placed in 50 ml round bottom flask and stirred at reflux for.

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Sunil kumar, ikil Chowdary. Key words: as 4 -Si 2, o-phenylenediamine, benzimidazole derivatives, aldehydes, reusable catalyst. 40, Eds.; Weissberger,.; Taylor,. 5, Eds.: Katritzky,. W., Pergamon: xford, 1984, pp. This data will be updated every 24 hours. Therefore, the reusability of silica supported sodium hydrogen sulphate was examined in the reaction of simple benzaldehyde with o-phenylenediamine under optimized reaction conditions. 2004, 45,. The filtered catalyst was dried at 100 o C and reused. 1517 2 Silica supported sodium hydrogen sulphate (as 4 -Si 2 ) is a heterogeneous catalyst used in a wide variety of applications, such as TP protection of alcohols and phenols 20, deprotection of TP ethers 21, trityl ethers 22, tbdms ethers 23, mom ethers. Sales tax will be calculated at check-out.

thesis on benzimidazole pdf

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