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Chemicals dumped in the ocean proposal essay

chemicals dumped in the ocean proposal essay

ocean pollution to address this threat to human existence. A) Biology The main area that pollution affects is marine life. The Ocean Cleanup project, initiated by Dutch born inventor-entrepreneur Boyan Slat, is attempting to remove plastic wastes from the sea and also preventing more plastic debris from entering the waters. Recent studies have proved that the increasing noise pollution in the sea also creating threats to the marine life. Army Corps of Engineers (usace) is responsible for issuing ocean dumping permits, using EPAs environmental criteria. Accidents such as BP oil spill and Samarco dam collapse are the striking instances to see how badly the human activities can destroy the rich ecosystem of water bodies. EPA records indicate that more than 55,000 containers of radioactive wastes were dumped at three ocean sites in the Pacific Ocean between 19Almost 34,000 containers of radioactive wastes were dumped at three ocean sites off the East Coast of the United States from 1951. Top of Page What materials cannot be dumped in the ocean? The increase in tanker traffic causes concern over oil spills.

The pollution seen in the ocean is a result of human rubbish that.
In addition to sewage, chemicals dumped by industries and governments are another major source of water pollution.
Marine chemistry on earth.

Cadmium and cadmium compounds. In addition, EPAs Ocean Dumping Management Program coordinates with partners at the international, federal, state and local levels, and through interagency groups, including National and Regional Dredging Teams, on ocean dumping, dredged material management, pollution prevention and marine protection activities. We will write a custom essay sample. Activists say who suffer from the plastic debris are dolphins, sharks, turtles, crabs, and sea birds, among others. The Environmental Protection Agency should require ocean waste-management plans, in addition to those that have been created for land (Miller). The collapse of ocean fisheries is a major environmental problem. If the economic development trends that are being witnessed in US and China which are both manufacturing and pollution giants are reflective of trends in development sought by other nations then man may as well be developing into extinction. The Marie Conservation Volunteers scoured more than 95,000 miles of United States coastlines on September 16, 1995 (Miller). The London Protocol defines incineration at sea as the combustion on board a vessel, platform or other man-made structure at sea of wastes or other matter for the purpose of their deliberate disposal by thermal destruction. Birds are even affected when there is an oil spill. In the 1970s and 1980s, several types of liquid organic wastes, including herbicide orange and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs were incinerated at sea using shipboard incinerators. The London Convention of 1975 is one of the prominent ones, while other laws include the Clear Water Act (CWA) and the Ocean Dumping Act (ODA) which have been established by the United States to tackle the problem of pollution of the ocean.

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