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Essay on teeth care in hindi

essay on teeth care in hindi

often begin as small projects, develop into mature programs, and are often later taken over by HMG or another Nepalese NGO counterpart. Most of the 1,300 private hospitals lacked sophisticated medical facilities, although, in 1992, approximately 12 per cent possessed state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis and treatment of all major diseases, including cancer. UMN operated hospitals, community health programs, schools, and industrial and village development programs all over Nepal. The second permanent molars erupt behind the first permanent molars at about the age of 12 years. Results: During the school day, half of the children ate nothing at all.

essay on teeth care in hindi

Hindi Essay or any similar topic specifically for you. Of this total, nearly 4,000 were owned a1(d managed by central, state, or local governments. Another 2,000, owned and managed by charitable trusts, received partial support from the government, and the remaining 1,300 hospitals, many of which were relatively small facilities were owned and managed by the private sector. 5 preamble From my graduation in 1972 up to 1984, I worked as a general dental practitioner at the Public Dental Service, Älvsborg County, Sweden. Data for 1987 show that there were 320,000 registered medical practitioners and 219,300 registered nurses. By 1992 twenty-two such centres were in operation.

A variety of institutions offer training in indigenous medical practice. Most of the population subsists on small farms with limited access to roads, health and educational systems (3). The infrastructure, service and economics in the country have improved during the last decade, but still many Nepalese live under the poverty line and there is widespread illiteracy. Private studies of Indias total number of hospitals in the early 1990s were more conservative than official Indian data, estimating that in 1992 there were 300 hospitals.

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