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Stepping out of your comfort zone essay

stepping out of your comfort zone essay

to build courage or to become more creative. Being passionate about personal development and helping others were the main reasons he launched this site. Heres an example: 4-year-old Jimmy messes up a song at his recorder recital. It all comes down to you and your willingness to run, not walk, out of your comfort zone. My hands, gripping the handles that rev the gas and pull the break, begin to turn an actual shade of blue. For example, I hate snorkeling. But what determines whether the action you chose is a risk or not? When you do something that makes you uncomfortable and you dont die doing it, its a good reminder that your fears may be unfounded and your interests more far-reaching than you ever expected. If your reading this from a business perspective take this year, or hell, even this quarter or this month, and try something new. Try taking small steps, like driving a different route to work or even moving your desk to a different location.

stepping out of your comfort zone essay

How to step out of your comfort zone. Most people want certain thin gs in life, a nice home, a comfortable bank account, loving relationships. Stepping out of your comfort zone is more than a cheesy tagline fo r motivational posters. So why is stepping out of your comfort zone so hard? I see people around me, who instead of trying new things and stepp ing out of their comfort zone, just sit still in the middle as their life passes.

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Traveling solo, for instance, is a source of frequent anxiety for many people. As human beings, we are inherently afraid. A few years ago, during a family reunion, we were rafting down the Colorado River when we came upon an abandoned bridge 30 feet above the water. If you found this article valuable or useful, Id like to ask you to share it with someone. Its alarmingly uncomfortable, frigid, and unfamiliar, the sort of situation that sends signals to your brain urging you to stop. There is no improvement without stepping out of your comfort zone.

stepping out of your comfort zone essay