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Women-make-better-politicians-than-men essay

women-make-better-politicians-than-men essay

at the same time the most difficult expedient to mend the morals of the people, is a perfect system of education. Unlike men women are highly-successful in teaching humanities. Istina Fernandez de Kirshner, presidente e e has shown the real female character since she has become a e has saved Argentina from the stagnation of agriculture and saved the good relationships with USA. Study finds women cooperate better than men. As we can see women are using their rights to become part of politics. Argumentative : Women are better politician than men Essay or any similar topic specifically for you. Aside from that, female politicians also are more cooperative and trustworthy than men. History shows us that men make better teachers. Catherine the Great 1767, Russia) But arenât the children the future of a state. For this reason teacher's staff in school should be consist of men and women to achieve the greatest success.

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When it comes to honesty, intelligence and a handful of other character traits they value highly in leaders, the public rates women superior to men, according to a new nationwide Pew Research Center essay on john and abigail adams Social and Demographic Trends survey. In my opinion, women politicians make better politicians because they compromise better, are more trustworthy and cooperative, plus they are more strong-minded as compared to men. They perceptively judge their own direct reports, have the courage to give them honest feedback so the direct reports grow; they dig into cause and effect if a direct report is failing. They tend to face difficult situations with a calm attitude. ÂCommunication is the real work of leadership,â says HBS professor Nitin Nohria, who documented the importance of persuasion in his 1992 book Beyond the Hype: Rediscovering the Essence of hria believes effective leaders are masters of the classical elements of rhetoric, as outlined by Aristotle.

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