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Essay on visit to a poultry farm

essay on visit to a poultry farm

little skills, is highly productive and can be incorporated into the household work. This is an asset over which the poor women actually have control. Introduction.1 Prelude, commercial poultry farming has now turned into a profitable business in Bangladesh.

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However, both the financial institutions as well as the poultry producers can be made aware of the existing success stories through leaflets or seminar conducted by bpia with support from donor agencies. Example: Stakeholders enter the business without proper knowledge of the industry, market forces. These farms play a vital role in economic development of the country by reducing malnutrition, poverty and unemployment. Poultry Industry in Bangladesh: Current Status and Its Challenges and Opportunity in the Emerging Market Environment. Advertisements: Poultry is the domestication and rearing of birds like chicken, turkeys, geese, swans, and emu etc for providing food. The presence of urban consumers is a precondition for the development of commercial poultry production. It has been calculated that a backyard poultry unit of 25 ap bio cell essays to 50 can generate employment for 40 to 50 man days. India-Bangladesh Bilateral Trade and Potential Free Trade Agreement. Even though fish farms have substituted much of the lost supply, the availability of fish has declined significantly. Imports fall from 2003 to 2005. Example: Small commercial broiler farmers cannot afford the technical support and also are not extended enough support from other members of the value chain required for optimal productivity. Lack of medical support.