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Reality show should be banned essay

reality show should be banned essay

shows are sending bad messages in the society. Reality shows may claim to be real but actually they are distorted to hide the truth. Contrarily the banning of reality shows would give us false hope of protecting our children from the bad aspect of sex and violence because it is not only in reality shows that our children are exposed to sex and violence, technology has made it possible. Reality TV shows are one but not the most sexually explicit forms of entertainment, so we should not elude our selves that banning reality television would solve the problem, it will only reduce it for a some time, until other forms of explicit entertainment come.

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The humiliation and reaction of a participant being evicted or accepting defeat is a high point of most reality.V. There is a purpose of every TV show. In the process they might hurt themselves badly. The main essence of reality shows is to put ordinary people in a social confined setting with extraordinary environment and activities with the aim of entertaining audiences with the illusion that what is going on is not scripted nor rehearsed. But the stunt mania grips the minds of innocent public and kids alike. Subscribe to our blog to get new topics delivered to your mail. In the just concluded episode of idols a judge was dared to sing out of the blue and it so happened just by coincidence that the band started playing a song which the judge joined in emphatically without hesitation. Some of the present singers, choreographers are made into the movies through reality shows for children.

reality show should be banned essay

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