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Essay on education and national integration

essay on education and national integration

prevails over all other issues and interests. Through national integration, we will prosper and flourish and dominate the others who are characterized by divisive forces. It brought about integration among different classes of people and common ideological and political thinking. Technical and vocational education are extremely important in improving and progressing a nation's industries while supplying a capable work force. There are different climates in India.

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Caste loyalties are strong impediments to the homogeneity of the nation. Nit promotes self-knowledge and thinking skills (of adults and pupils) nthrough reflective silent sitting in assemblies and lesson time. Occasional communal riots still take place in different parts of the country. Even the Indian customs and conventions are vast and varied. It means a well-knit society in which all are loyal to their country. 5) The ability to subordinate sectarian and parochial loyalties to loyalty of the nation. Some integral proteins form "channels" or "pores".

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