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Internet banking research papers

internet banking research papers

The Ho hypothesis is being accepted means there is no difference between age convenience as a factor for opening internet banking account. 37 Flavian,., Torres,. Not being afraid of revealing personal information to the bank Not being afraid of executing online transactions. The web page survey research method normally set a limit on the studies because the questionnaire is not open to those with poor internet access, which might cause a sample bias because a group of people with low internet access is not included in the. Convenience of Internet banking has a positive and significant relationship with the students use of Internet banking. (2012) reported the number of online banking users in Europe increased from 26 million essay on old age at the end of 2000.2 million at the end of 2003.

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International Journal of Bank Marketing, 23(2. This is an important matter because Santanders customers were blocked from accessing internet banking for a time due to the incorporation of Alliance Leicester and Bradford Bingleys systems into Santanders own platforms (Beck, 2011). However, it is impossible to study the whole student population because of the time and budget constraint (Saunders., 2000). Momeni,., Kheiry,. The customers can make a banking transaction at any places as long as the Internet is available. This study will choose a sample of students from City University London to represent the. 23 Table 3: Distribution of educational level of student respondents Education Level. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 59(4. It is saving time since customers do not have to queue in traditional bank branch and they can have access to banking facility outside the banks opening hours (Lichtenstein Williamson, 2006).

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