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A visit to lahore essay

a visit to lahore essay

They will never disappoint you. A group of women passing who saw me sitting on the floor thought I must be a Muslim because I was wearing a shawl over my head. Have you ever been to Anarkali, Bano Bazar, Rung Mahal or Liberty Market? But if you want to experience the thrill of every season, Lahore would never let you down! If yes, then you know what I mean. Another thing that is very important is the Tomb of Allama Iqbal outside the Mosque which is guarded day and night. The sandstone floor of the Mosque was so hot I had to run into the shade and stay on the carpet that is laid across the ground, because my feet were burning. The parks Lahore is green. This will possibly be the subject of another hub.

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We are really never bored, here in Lahore. Youll find families out for picnics, kids playing, uncles walking and the view of everyone peacefully going about their business compliments the scenic green beauty even more. Photo: Files Ive spent my fair share of time (and not so much of money) at Landa Bazar too. He acted as a bodyguard, if anyone got too close he sent them away. Lahore Lahore ae (Lahore is Lahore).

I suppose he was rushing around so he could go and find more people to guide around. Customize it, refine your plan. But here, I can walk on the street in the middle of the night, to an ATM, whilst texting and nobody would care. Lahore, fort and was built during the reign of Emperor Aurengzeb in 1672 to 1674.

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