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God in the pledge of allegiance essay

god in the pledge of allegiance essay

PSOosibly reftue. Argument from biblical history (1) Many modern historians think that there probably was somebody named Jesus, maybe. (5) The IRS can't send me to prison. King josiah'S argument (1) Time to expand my kingdom. Atheists have faith too! Argument froad trip (1) I went to a party and took LSD. (3) Therefore, this person was a Christian. (3) Also, God exists.

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(4) That means you support Social Darwinism. It included an eagle with a heart-shaped shield, holding arrows and an olive branch in its claws. Peacock argument from limited vocabulary (1) You use lots of big words. (4) This shows that my theory is scientific and correct. Federal bill signed into law: A bill to reaffirm " In God We Trust " as the national motto, and the phrase " Under God " in the Pledge of Allegiance was passed with a 99 vote in the House, and unanimously in the Senate. Argument from absolute moral standards (1) If there are absolute moral standards, then God exists. Argument from fallibility (1) Human reasoning is inherently flawed. (4) Well, everyone who matters, anyway. (2) Therefore, Hitler was an atheist.

god in the pledge of allegiance essay

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