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Ideal home essay

ideal home essay

moss and bird nest's singing in harmony with the serenity of the calm my forest contains. The thunderous laughter of my spontaneous little brother polished my mind away from worries engraving it with breathtaking imagery of a happy childhood. The kitchen has a single big window that overlooks the street.

Then I go to my work, but in the evening there is no place like home. The warm cream semi-attached house is now afloat in memories in our metallic street. All the rooms would be properly furnished and supplied With necessary technical appliances (4) : TV-sets, musical centre, computer with an access (5) to Internet and air conditioners.

I live in a block of flats in one of the residential areas of my town. I would keep rare plants from all over the world and take care of them there.

All in all, that wasthis is my vision on the idea of a model residence. We will write a custom essay sample. My kitchen fridge is like a word tour around the world, each countries food aroma and unique speciality are stored in there for our taste buds. However gradually a home will affect a person personality or the way they behave, therefore a home is seen as an important aspect of our life apart from having all our personal items it has all our personal memories some which cannot be framed. It is for this reason that I dislike living in flats or condominiums every room in my dream house and every piece of furniture in it is designed to create beauty, warmth and peace. My flat is situated on the seventh floor. Make sure not to be too wordy throughout your paper. However we don't reach the roof, as the roof burst free from our bellowing screams. Instead of the central heating, each room would have a fireplace that would heat the air in cold winter and autumn months. My glorious bed lies upon an exotic flower fragranced with the pure scent of heaven. I also dream about a small swimming pool and a large grassy playground. In front of the house I will have a small garden with different flowers.