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Filial piety essay

filial piety essay

be factual or rational at all. In a certain sense, Chinese morality has transcended the world of spirits or the world of religion. Nevertheless, young children can benefit from having more encouragement and reinforcement of such positive behaviors, especially today, with American society facing such severe declines in morality. . Confucius clearly confirmed this point saying: "Filial piety is the foundation of morality." This confirmation is meaningful if the action of filial piety is well-understood in its relation with human life. But such attitudes should not be displayed towards one's parents. . These religions are Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Filial piety consists of several factors; the main ideas include loving one's parents, being respectful, polite, considerate, loyal, helpful, dutiful, and obedient. Culturally filial piety is the leading principle or fundamental basis of Chinese morality. It shows a son saying goodybe to his parents.

filial piety essay

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So, Chinese family life is, in reality, the life of filial piety. In the main, modern Western culture is scientific, but Chinese culture is still artistic, even in common life. It is probably the result of the influence of modernization. The book, like the painting, describes how to behave towards one's superiours. Now, the author of this strange death silas deane thesis essay will attempt an exploration of the meaning of being artistic.

China was in the later half of the Dynasty, as the painting show more content, paintings had little meaning compared to other arts such as sculpting and music. The painting is based off a piece of Confucian classic written in approxiametly 400. Many Americans are very likely to have never even heard of this phrase, though it conveys an universal theme. .

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