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Women development india essay

women development india essay

in ancient India were responsible to care their husbands and kids as their primary duty.

In such a competitive world, Indian women are being well conscious about their rights and privileges in various fields. It is said that no nation can be a great nation unless and until they have educated and healthy mothers. In a country where there is the rich tradition of kanjak puja, women continue to be treated as inferior to men. Thus women education opens up the new horizons, broadens her thinking, develops new ideas and hopes, enhances knowledge and skills, provides the courage to meet the challenges of life and give freedom of expressions. Swayamsidha launched in March 2001, Swa-Shakti Project launched in October 1998 and the Anti- Dowry Act. . It is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing, they say. . Female infanticide, rape, sexual harassment, lack of education, household responsibilities, child marriages, malnutrition, human trafficking, marital rape, unemployment are some major issues concerning women in our country. The extent of women empowerment in the national hierarchy is determined largely by the three factors her economic, social and political identity and their weight. In our culture women are worshipped. Slight improvement in womens involvement in household decision-making in male-headed household, on such issues as credit, the disposal of household assets, childrens education and family healthcare can work wonders. Gradually women started enjoying equality with men in the society.

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