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How lady macbeth changes throughout the play essay

how lady macbeth changes throughout the play essay

act of murder to begin; this adds to the intensity of the speech and creates suspense. She laments her womanhood, and, in a chilling compact with evil, prays to be "unsexed" because she thinks that her femininity makes her weak (I,v,41-50). He should be the one person who should risk his own life to stop such a thing happening to the king whilst he is in his house Not bear the knife myself.In this soliloquy Macbeth reveals to the audience his lose morals, because the theme. Let not light see my black and deep desires. In a soliloquy Macbeth ponders upon what the witches have predicted. Throughout the play we see a complete and extreme change of Macbeths character, with a few aspects remaining constant. Nothing else appears to matter to him except his kingship and he is prepared to do anything to keep it, despite the fact he knows it is wrong. The fact that Macbeth has referred to King Duncan as gracious shows that he still has respect for him and may be starting to regret his deeds. By the end of the play he has turned into a evil, slightly mad, tyrant and his determination to keep hold of his crown eventually costs him his life. This shows how Macbeth sees himself as a genius and also compares himself to previous great emperors such as Mark Antony. However, from this point onwards Macbeths ambition motivates him and overcomes his conscience, making him increasingly determined that nobody is going to stand in his way.

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In the beginning Macbeth is determined to prove to his wife that he loves her and his worth as a man. The bell signals the beginning of the end for Macbeth, his character can never return after this night, and his deeds become more and more gruesome and evil as the play progresses. Lady Macbeth's decline ends in suicide. Macbeth still has a very high view of himself, even though he is now a murdering tyrant. Nevertheless, deep into the story Macbeth still refers back to what the witches said, it is obvious they were a big influence on the play and on Macbeths actions. As Honour, Love, Obedience, Troops of Friends, I must look not to have. Even though Macbeth still uses some euphemisms, his conscience is scorched, and during this soliloquy he uses the word murder for the first time. m, ml (accessed October 10, 2018). In the soliloquies found in Act 5, Scene 3 the speech provokes sympathy for a now wrecked and broken man. In the beginning, he is a faithful and loyal servant of the King but this soon changes.