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My favourite profession is doctor essay

my favourite profession is doctor essay

is one of the oldest in the world. Everyone treats doctors with great respect. The role of medicine has greatly increased, especially now when people are trying to look after their health. I know that he wants to see all his patients able-bodied (8).1 notice that he is happy when his patients recover. He examines people and gives them professional advice. After operation people should follow his instructions. Doctors not only operate people and prescribe medicine, but they must also listen to their parents, check them up and sometimes make quick and important decisions. Relatives, friends essay on the human body or neighbors often ask for medical advice, for example how to lower the kids temperature.

My Future, profession (

my favourite profession is doctor essay

Have you seen a doctor working? Is it necessary to study a lot ethical reflection essay to become a doctor? This is a very demanding job which requires a lot of skills and knowledge. They do not just listen to the patient complaints. I understand that it is necessary (2) to study a lot to become a doctor. First of all, profession of a doctor is the one where you do not have weekends and holidays, where you have to work at nights and change your plans because of an emergency call. In my opinion, only those ones who truly want to help other people can become good doctors.