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Psychological explanations of anorexia essay

psychological explanations of anorexia essay

classical and operant conditioning. The above preview is unformatted text. There are criticisms of this study. (1988) found thataround 56 of identical (MZ) twins are concordant for thedisorder, compared with 5for DZ twins; Hsu (1990 after an extensive literature review, found a 47 concordancerate for (DZ) twins and 10 rate for non-identical (DZ) twins. The hypothalamus is thought to have quite a lot of control over our eating behaviour, the lateral hypothalamus (LH) is considered to be the feeding switch that makes an individual begin to feed whereas the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) is the satiety switch that makes. Used with students studying A Level Psychology for Edexcel and AQA and could be adapted for other boards. Useful for student notes for revision or to aid homework task. For instance, anorexic patients aredescribed as shy, compliant and perfectionists, and recorded high scores on the MinnesotaMultiphasic Personality Inventory (mmpi) for neuroticism, anxiety, social isolation and depression; they also tend to lack self-esteem and are likely to maintain traditional, conservative views about the family and.

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The biological explanations of anorexia are interesting but inconclusive.
One attempt hasfocused on genetic factors - with ambiguous.
Eating disorders Anorexia Nervosa.
Psychological explanations o f AN Behaviourist Explanations (AN as a Learned behaviour) Classical.

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(1948 noted that all the men became obsessedwith food and displayed higher than normal levels of fatigue, irritability and moodiness, they also had poor concentration levels and reported a loss of interest in more. However, the learning approach can explain why rates of anorexia are higher in women than men - as women are more often judged, praised or criticised, for their body size image than more. First the individual learns an association between slimness and admiration (classical conditioning and therefore begins to diet. The thin models receive attention and admiration, and therefore their behaviour is imitated. The biological approach states that anorexia is due to a biochemical imbalance or the disorder is genetic, strong evidence for this suggests that anorexia is not due to psychological factors but medical. However, the fact thatrelatives of anorexics run a higher risk than the general population of also becominganorexic does not, according to Frude (1998 suggest that a firm genetic link for anorexiacan be inferred.

Outline and evaluate psychological explanations of anorexia

psychological explanations of anorexia essay

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