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Converting essay in powerpoint

converting essay in powerpoint

the element name that will open the pop-up. While this is a pretty simple process, there are a few things to keep in mind to not have to go back and reformat certain parts of the original document once in PowerPoint. The text no longer needs to be blue or bolded - it has already been coded for conversion to PowerPoint.

Here s how to produce the best Ppt presentation in the shortest time possible. If you need to make a PowerPoint presentation from a Word document, don t worry about endless cutting and pasting. If you use Power Point, do not display a lot of text, but limit yourself to the ke y points. Try to explain ideas visually, for example by using flow charts. Wondering how you can convert PowerPoint Into An Interactive.

When all slides, images, audio records, and programming instructions are ready, its time to turn Galatea from a breathless statue and make it come to life. " Hit the "enter" key to put a space between every block of text that you want separated. Click the theme of your choice. What key takeaways did I get from working with the iSpring authoring tool? On the practical side, each module can be made of one PowerPoint presentation. This is designed to prevent a presentation from looking like a book. Choose the option "Hyperlink." Select the file you want to open from the menu and hit "okay." Now you can click on your image or text during the slideshow to bring up your Word document. 11 Customize your presentation in PowerPoint. The sound icon has a slider and timer so that you can synchronize the audio to the animations (well talk about how to do this next). You will see successful admission essays options such as Normal, Header 1, Header 2, and. Save the file in a location you can easily access.

converting essay in powerpoint