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Which interpretation is correct essay

which interpretation is correct essay

not know many words and idioms. Prevention is better than cure. No grammar issue.) Government should launch health campaigns to educate people from all levels (sections) of society and should encourage them to follow healthy life style which in turn prevents many health issues. We know that it is not realistic for it to be a anatomical head wandering around looking for arms. Oxford; Oxford University Press. However, the phrase eye drops doesnt even enter our vocabulary until much later. If shooting is taken as a verb we are led to believe that the court is going to attempt to physically harm the defendant by shooting him or her. It is implausible, at least in a civilized country like the United States that a defendant in a trial would be shot by the courts. Syntax refers the way the words are put together structurally, and also gives clues to the meaning of ambiguous words.

Interpreter should know history and traditions og foreighn country. However, if the subject is eye drops than we learn that a product has been removed from the shelf. The Ascent of Babel: An Exploration. Plausibility also supports the second interpretation, in which the progress of the bridge is being held. We use these factors in different degrees depending on the word or phrase we are trying to understand. The context and syntax are important for the interpretation because holds up refers to a bridge. Since the word rate or the phrase number of is not a part of the statement we are inclined to accept the interpretation involving physical cutting. Therefore this allows us to correctly interpret the ambiguous sentence. To understand further these factors, let us take a look at several examples of actual newspaper headlines considered humorous. Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant This phrase is ambiguous because it is unclear whether shooting is an action or a modifier, and whether try is meant as to attempt or to put on trial.