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Problems faced by india essay

problems faced by india essay

is socialthey require a collective approach for their solution. In the modern world, where women status has been improved a little while, still they are facing problems. Gender discrimination : Women are considered as weaker section of the society than men and given less importance. Image Source: m, life has changed so fast in the last few decades that the entire social structure has undergone a big change. Some of the problems are mentioned and described below: Selective abortion and female infanticide: It is the most common practice for years in India in which abortion of female fetus is performed in the womb of mother after the foetal sex determination and sex selective. They are getting ahead and enjoying equality of status in almost all fields because of being financially independent and economically sound. Issues and Problems faced by Women in India Essay 1 (100 words). Ever since independence, the youth of the country has been going adrift. Some of the other definitions of social problems given by sociologists are:. They are forced either to join them or suffer silently.

Though Governments are struggling hard to eradicate poverty, the increasing population and mismanagement of government schemes, have fueled the growth of poverty. There is pressure from parents, teachers and peers to excel to enter the colleges and get admission in the most lucrative professions. By continuing to use our sociological imagination and recognising the role of larger social, cultural, and structural forces, we can identify appropriate measures to address these social problems. All social problems are situations which have injurious consequences for society. They have to go extra miles than men to prove themselves equivalent to men.