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Adolescent pregnancy essay belifa

adolescent pregnancy essay belifa

planning on firing a gun, you need to have proper training in handling the gun in order to hit your target and to safe yourself from getting your shoulder dislocated when the gun recoils. This is not the appropriate age to be carrying a child, therefore, they would tend to distance themselves from the public in order to avoid being scrutinized or criticized. Reference Copied to Clipboard. The reason behind this conclusion can be explained by inspecting the mother. These problems might comprise of reduced frequency of completing school, increase in percentage of poverty, reduced frequency of stability in married life, and extensive frequency of issues pertaining to health (Coley Chase-Lansdale, 1998). When this happens, the daughters will be motivated to have children of their own at an early age as they feel that it is the right choice.

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78 of pregnancies are unplanned (Guttmacher 3). Due to this, many pregnant adolescent would encounter various problems. Because of the negative outcomes associated with adolescent pregnancy, the issue should be addressed worldwide. It was found that the younger siblings of pregnant adolescents demonstrated a substantial elevation in school problems and reduced ambition for education as compared to younger siblings of non pregnant adolescents (East Jacobson, 2001). The observed decline in America is due to more access to contraceptives and the use of contraceptives. It involves a lot of physical, mental and emotional strength. Babies born to teen mothers in the United States are at risk (Chase-Lansdale 1). When an adolescent becomes pregnant, their future would decrease rapidly as their future becomes unstable and undecided. Teenagers today are growing up in a society in which peers, TV, and music gives a message that unmarried sexual relationships are a common part to growing up as a teenager today (Chase Lansdale 8). This can be depicted in a show conducted By Oprah Winfrey, where reporter Lisa Ling interviewed the Hawk family, where every single member was addicted to Heroin except their 13 month year old baby. It is imperative to educate populations worldwide about adolescent pregnancies and its entrepreneurship in india essay adverse outcomes so they can be prevented.

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