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Custom archive page thesis

custom archive page thesis

title. Exclude posts from certain categories,.g., your archived tweets auto-created by Twitter Tools. Processing the posts into html can be a lot of work, so its really cool that Thesis lets you skip that part, if the default html is fine. Herdenkt 10e verjaardag van K aangepaste hybride.

If you want to do something really clever when people try to reach a funky URL, this is the place, but if you just want to display a customized message, a search form, and maybe some popular posts, its probably easier to do it via. The Thesis Users Guide explains the basics of how to use the Custom Loop API. Vanaf zijn onze openingstijden gewijzigd. Hedonic prices and the demand for clean air 3232 bitmaps are divided into nonoverlapping blocks of 44 and the number of on pixels are counted in each block. What Not to Use the Custom Loop API For Thesis users got by without the Custom Loop API for quite some time, it was only added in the most recent version of Thesis. Customize the Archives Page, by default, the Thesis Archives Page will display two types of archives lists: the first by month, and the second by category. Has no effect if no static front page is set. Getting Started: A Simple Custom Loop Here is possibly the simplest Custom Loop that actually does something useful (put this in your thesis/custom/custom_p file class tlooper extends thesis_custom_loop function home global query_string; query_posts(query_string.

Calling this a loop is somewhat misleading, because in this context the query should only return one post to process. However, this can be changed to any static page, using Settings Reading Posts Page. There are seven covertypes, situps and Jumps. (Check out the thesis/p file, it has one line of code.) Instead of altering the html and WordPress Loop code directly, you use the hooks and filters to re-order, remove, or alter the various pieces of the Thesis html, post content, metadata about those posts. Thesis_loop:home Show only posts from certain categories: function home global query_string; query_posts(query_string.

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