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I want to be a programmer essay

i want to be a programmer essay

all tend to be on the young side. But in fact startups do have a different sort of DNA from other businesses. That's probably true of the biggest discoveries in any field. What matters is not the absolute number of new customers, but the ratio of new customers to existing ones. So whatever market you're in, you'll usually do best to err on the side of making the broadest type of product for. As the startup figures out how to make something lots of people want and how to reach those people, there's a period of rapid growth. If you start a search engine you have to compete with the whole world. We could just talk about super-successful companies and less successful ones. Starting a startup is like being an actor in that respect. Thanks to Sam Altman, Marc Andreessen, Paul Buchheit, Patrick Collison, Jessica Livingston, Geoff Ralston, and Harj Taggar for reading drafts of this.

i want to be a programmer essay

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Get funded by, y Combinator. Mordor sucks, and its certainly more physically taxing to dig a tunnel than poke at a keyboard unless youre an ant. For founders that's more than a theoretical question, because it's equivalent to asking if they're on the right path. Perhaps later they step back and notice they've found an idea in everyone else's blind spot, and from that point make a deliberate effort to stay there. 10 What if a company grew.7x a year for a really long time? But acquirers have an additional reason to want startups. Whereas VCs need to invest in startups, and in particular the most successful startups, or they'll be out of business. You're committing not just to starting a company, but to starting a fast growing one, and you're thus committing to search for one of the rare ideas of that type. The growth of a successful startup usually has three phases: There's an initial period of slow or no growth while the startup tries to figure out what it's doing.