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Hockey is my life essay

hockey is my life essay

at NHL for the Xbox, som I hit one knee on the ice, placing most of my weight on my stick. Field Hockey is considered as National Game of India, which is played by two teams on a grass field. I thrilled to accomplish something so phenomenal as to surpass a record, I was stubborn to be someone unique the Great One was. There are the obvious differences like one being played on ice and the other on a plastic surface, but many of the differences are only noticed by people that have played both sports. Even though I was fully armed but still it was thrilling to stand there get pinched against the glass like a lemon. Hockey makes you more sharp sight and vision, because you have some seconds for snatching the ball from opponent.

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Every season of squirts, I was always the top scorer of my team by a long run. Hockey was considered the best for. Also Read : Essay on my new life in usa essay Leadership Essay on Value Of Time Essay on Picnic Essay on National Integration Essay On Newspaper Essay on Farmer Essay On Right To Education Essay on Importance of Education Education system in India Essay. And Indian Players has done tremendous job and hard work for victory, the moment is still memorizing for every Indian. Health benefits of playing Hockey, hockey is the game of running, and snatching the ball cleverly and your muscle should have enough strength to hit the ball with enough power. Now for hockey there is quite lack of interest among youngsters, cricket is known by every single child of every street, but not hockey, it is a nice game with lot of entertainment and adventure but still not accepted by many. But now it is just like any other sport. The opponent players were rushing toward me like I was their worst enemy. Once the referee blew his whistle I tasted a great victory. One stride at a time I went, until I was able to glide upon the ice. It is played throughout the country. But can you say that these are all true?