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Women in beowulf essays

women in beowulf essays

the cup-bearer for the first feast at Heorot. Written by a Christian monk, yet still rooted in paganism, Beowulf is a 3200 line epic poem telling the story of a great epic hero. Lady with a Mead Cup. He is the last man to receive the cup because he is a newcomer, a foreigner that just arrived to Heorot. Cannibalism, curses, and Cain, oh my!

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Despite having limited power, women exert influence in their roles as peace keepers, tender foils to the often overly aggressive medieval warrior men. As Pauline Stafford points out: She is a link between hostile peoples united by marriage. Beowulf is a tale that offers many insights into the beliefs and customs of the seventh century Anglo Saxon culture. Grendels mother fiercely attacks and kills one of Beowulfs men and reclaims Grendels arm that had been ripped from his body. Bibliography: Bjork, Robert.

The role of women in Beowulf literature essays
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