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Causes of ww1 main essay

causes of ww1 main essay

June 1914. They went through Belgium because of the land but that could only lead to trouble. In the nineteenth century, Britain had tried to not get involved in European Politics. He was determined to make Russia strong and did not want his country to be seen as a week giant. This was called Alliances. Difference in policies were to blame, although the immediate cause of World War one was the assassination of Austrias Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

causes of ww1 main essay

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Austria Hungary demanded Serbia to punish those responsible for the assassination. Britain was very worried about Germany to have an Empire and a strong navy, which Britain saw as a serious threat to its own Empire and Navy. In order to maintain their domestic economy, they had to look for more resources by expanding their territories. However this was not possible as Russia was economically backward and thats one of the Reasons Germany wanted to be on the opposition side of Russia. Imperialism: Before World War 1, Africa and parts. Name at least 4 and explain each.

It brought a huge development of war technics and weapons.
Free Essay: WWI Causes World War I, a war that started out locally in Europe.
S ome of the key reasons that were believed to have instigated WWI were.